Study Visa of Canada: Required Documents and How to Apply

Canada Study Permit

A Canada Study Permit is an official document granted by the Canadian government that enables international students to study at specific learning institutions in Canada. It is an obligatory requirement for most international students who want to follow academic programs in Canada. The study permit explains the conditions of your stay, such as the duration of your studies, any work limitations, and whether you are permitted to travel within Canada. It is crucial to apply for a study permit before starting your studies in Canada to ensure adherence to immigration regulations.

Canada Study Permit

Levels of study in Canada

In Canada, there are different levels of study available to foreign students, including:

Elementary School in Canada

In Canada, elementary school usually includes grades 1 to 8, with students starting at around 6 years old and finishing elementary school by the age of 14.

High school

In Canada, high school education usually covers grades 9 to 12, with students typically starting high school at around 14 or 15 years of age.

Study at Canadian Universities

International students get access to a wider range of options when they study at Canadian universities. Research opportunities, a wide range of academic programs, and high-quality education are hallmarks of Canadian universities.
Bachelor’s degree (3 years) pre-requisite: high school diploma: In Canada, a Bachelor’s degree usually takes three to four years to complete, based on the program and institution. To be eligible for a Bachelor’s degree program, students generally need to have a high school diploma or its equivalent in Canada
Bachelor’s with Honours (4 years) pre-requisite: high school diploma: In Canada, a Bachelor’s degree with Honours usually takes four years to complete and is typically more research-intensive or specialized than a standard Bachelor’s degree program.
Master’s degree (1 to 2 years) pre-requisite: Bachelor’s degree: To follow a Master’s degree in Canada, a prerequisite is usually a completed Bachelor’s degree from a designated institution. The Master’s degree program typically takes one to two years, based on the field of study and the specific program requirements.
Ph.D. or doctoral studies (3 to 5 years) pre-requisite: Master’s degree: Ph.D. or doctoral studies usually take between 3 to 5 years to complete, based on the field of study and research requirements. A prerequisite for enrolling in a Ph.D. program is often a Master’s degree from a designated institution in Canada.

College or university

In Canada, both colleges and universities provide post-secondary education, but they vary in their focus and the types of credentials they offer. Colleges: Colleges in Canada usually offer diploma and certificate programs that concentrate on practical skills and vocational training. These programs are usually shorter in duration and are designed to make students ready for specific careers or industries. Universities: Universities in Canada offer a diverse range of undergraduate and graduate programs resulting in bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees. University programs usually have a more theoretical and research-oriented focus, and they usually offer a broader education in different academic disciplines.

Certificate (1 to 2 years) pre-requisite: high school + other requirements depending on the program

For Certificate programs in Canada, which usually take one to two years, the prerequisite is typically a high school diploma or its equivalent. Besides the high school diploma, some programs may have specific requirements or extra criteria for admission, based on the program of study.

Professional degree (3 years) pre-requisite: high school + other requirements depending on the program

In Canada, professional degrees like those in fields like law, medicine, engineering, or architecture usually need completion of a Bachelor’s degree as a prerequisite.

What are the Canada Pathway Programs?

Canada Pathway Programs are designed to help international students enter Canadian universities or colleges by offering extra support and resources to enhance their academic and language skills. These programs are usually offered by colleges or universities in Canada and can involve English language courses, academic preparation courses, and orientation to Canadian culture and the education system. Pathway programs try to help students meet the admission requirements for their preferred degree programs and improve their chances of academic success in Canada.
What are the Canada Pathway Programs | Study Visa

The way we can apply for your Canada Study Visa

To apply for a study permit (visa) to study in Canada, you must follow these steps:
Checking your eligibility by Canada Immigration Consultant for getting a visa: It is advisable to consult with a qualified Canadian immigration consultant like Dr. safamehr to evaluate your eligibility for getting a visa to study in Canada. Immigration consultants are experienced professionals who can provide guidance on the visa application process, requirements, and any specific criteria that may be applicable to your individual circumstances.
Gathering required documents and English language Proficiency: When applying for a study permit in Canada, collecting the necessary documents is a significant step in the process. In addition to the necessary documents, demonstrating English language proficiency is also crucial for international students.
Applying for Study Visa: Once you have completed the online application and prepared all necessary documents, submit your application to the IRCC. The processing time for study permit applications can differ, so it is crucial to apply well in advance of your intended start date.

What are the Minimum Financial Requirements for a Canada Study Visa?

The minimal financial requirements for a study permit, often called a study visa, to enter Canada vary according to the duration of your program and the location of your educational institution.

How long Does the Study Visa Process Take?

The processing time for a study permit (visa) in Canada can be different according to different factors, like the country of application, the number of applications being processed, and the completeness of your application.